Robot Contractors

robot attackWe’re facing interesting times ahead of us. As Technology expands across the world, our jobs and lives may be at risk. What’s a contractor to do when he’s faced with the possibility of a robot taking over his job? How is a robot going to install trim to the exact specifications of a home owner, and with the care and understanding that a human contractor has? Can a robot really out-perform a contractor?

It has come to our attention recently that artificial intelligence is getting better and better. By the year 2020 we might find flying robots who can do roofing work in place of actual roofers. There could be plumber spiders that will replace plumbers. How is one to really know what the future holds in store for us?

Here’s the thing though, plumbers care. Roofers care. Contractors care. When we walk into a house, we know exactly what the home owner or commercial property owner wants, and we can deliver to their exact specifications. We can tell when their trying to cheat us out of money. We can tell when they aren’t truly happy with the work that we’ve provided, and we can remedy that. When a home owner demands that you paint with acrylic paints, we can do it knowing very well that they’re going to want to change it up when they see the mistake (and we can price it accordingly).

One day when robots try to take over the world, it’s the contractor that’s going to be missed first. But we won’t let it get to that. Because the truth is we can operate hammers and nails better than robots can.

In fact, robots probably won’t have the best grip in the world because they’re made of metal! With that being said, they are likely to hurt them selves while working on a tiling job, a roofing job, plumbing etc. Meanwhile we’ll be happily laughing away at those stupid robots.

The whole point in this is to say that your jobs are safe. Robots probably aren’t ever going to make good contractors. In fact, they aren’t likely to become good at anything. They just lack the spirit, the brains and the muscle that contractors have.

So next time you’re installing a toilet, fixing a sink, or painting a house, be thankful that you’re not in any kind of danger of losing your job to a machine. You’ll always be better in your craft! The contractors of the world will always remain on top!