Landscape Giants – The saga of a California Landscaper

Drought Affected LawnAlright, so you’re in Southern California on another sunny day. You step outside on your front porch and you notice something particularly unappealing. It’s not 80 year-old neighbor wearing nothing but his bath robe on a windy day. No, you notice that every lawn in the neighborhood is dead. Unfortunately that’s how it is in some neighborhoods, and it’s really an eye sore.

Some towns that were once considered beautiful are now being looked at as dying away. The reason for this is because you never really notice how much an lawn influences your opinion of a place until it’s dead. Some of the wealthiest cities in the country have the most beautifully kept lawns. So with that being said, what’s the solution that’s being brought about to regain the beauty of Los Angeles and Southern California?

The Mighty Landscapers of Bubank

I had a chance to chat with my buddy Eric who works for local Burbank landscaping company. He said that in their city they’ve been maintaining the beauty of Los Angeles by introducing drought tolerant landscaping. The interesting thing about this is that they aren’t the first to do it. In fact, there have been several other companies in the Los Angeles and Burbank area who have also been offering drought friendly landscaping services.

The thing about these particular landscapers is that they’ve branded themselves entirely around the concept of this type of landscaping. You can see on their Burbank landscaping page that they work diligently and solely on drought friendly landscaping.

When I asked Eric about the operation, he said that one of the partners, David, has been a contractor for years and that he essentially handles all the manual labor. Meanwhile the person who runs the whole show is Mat, who’s primary functions include marketing, appointment setting and management.

With all the branding around drought friendly landscape services, it’s near impossible for these guys to get missed. In fact, they stick out in front of their competitors in Burbank and Los Angeles.

That’s why today we call Droughtscapers our Landscaping Giants and the Kings of the Gardens. I appreciate all the help that Eric provided us regarding the ins and outs of their company and I’d like to invite them to reach out any time for updates on their landscaping endeavors.

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