North Carolina Plumber Dominates Toilets!

Toilet PaperWe recently met a guy named Todd Sowers who is the head of Sowers Plumbing in Greensboro North Carolina. Todd teamed up with a marketing agency that decided to do something very interesting as a strategy to get his plumbing company off the ground and taken to an entirely new level.

What Todd told us is that he’s basically placed a focus on toilet installation, water heater installation and emergency plumbing. He tells us that it’s very easy for him to get plumbing work related to toilet installation, and that it’s also very profitable for his plumbing company. He told us that toilet installation is actually very simple if you’ve got the right tools and if you don’t mind a little heavy lifting. The profit made on a new toilet installation or a toilet replacement is enormous, and it only takes an hour or so. Here’s a video showing a bit more about how it works:

As it turns out, Todd is right and toilet installation is actually very easy and can make huge profits.

Plumber Competition

In Greensboro NC, plumbing competition can be pretty intense. Todd tells us the best way to get around that is to pick out one thing that you’re really good at, and completely dominate at it. Companies like Roto-Rooter spend hundreds of thousands of dollars every year on their marketing. It drives other plumbers into a state of apathy thinking about trying to get plumbing jobs when they have competition like that. However, Todd is simply the best when it comes to toilet installation, and that’s how he manages to beat the competition.

Other Services

We’re told that some other services that are very profitable with very little competition are emergency plumbing, and sump pump work. Most plumbers aren’t interested in taking calls at 3:00 AM for a 24 hour emergency plumbing service. Most plumbers don’t like working with feces.

The problem that comes up when you start dominating in one aspect of plumbing is that you have to find help shortly after. In fact, Todd tells us that if you’re not ready to work diligently, you may end up getting hurt in your plumbing business. Be prepared to hire help, because you’ll need it!

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Landscape Giants – The saga of a California Landscaper

Drought Affected LawnAlright, so you’re in Southern California on another sunny day. You step outside on your front porch and you notice something particularly unappealing. It’s not 80 year-old neighbor wearing nothing but his bath robe on a windy day. No, you notice that every lawn in the neighborhood is dead. Unfortunately that’s how it is in some neighborhoods, and it’s really an eye sore.

Some towns that were once considered beautiful are now being looked at as dying away. The reason for this is because you never really notice how much an lawn influences your opinion of a place until it’s dead. Some of the wealthiest cities in the country have the most beautifully kept lawns. So with that being said, what’s the solution that’s being brought about to regain the beauty of Los Angeles and Southern California?

The Mighty Landscapers of Bubank

I had a chance to chat with my buddy Eric who works for local Burbank landscaping company. He said that in their city they’ve been maintaining the beauty of Los Angeles by introducing drought tolerant landscaping. The interesting thing about this is that they aren’t the first to do it. In fact, there have been several other companies in the Los Angeles and Burbank area who have also been offering drought friendly landscaping services.

The thing about these particular landscapers is that they’ve branded themselves entirely around the concept of this type of landscaping. You can see on their Burbank landscaping page that they work diligently and solely on drought friendly landscaping.

When I asked Eric about the operation, he said that one of the partners, David, has been a contractor for years and that he essentially handles all the manual labor. Meanwhile the person who runs the whole show is Mat, who’s primary functions include marketing, appointment setting and management.

With all the branding around drought friendly landscape services, it’s near impossible for these guys to get missed. In fact, they stick out in front of their competitors in Burbank and Los Angeles.

That’s why today we call Droughtscapers our Landscaping Giants and the Kings of the Gardens. I appreciate all the help that Eric provided us regarding the ins and outs of their company and I’d like to invite them to reach out any time for updates on their landscaping endeavors.

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Painting the Outside of a House

The exterior paint of a home not only makes it appearextra gorgeous but additionally protects its very form from damage as a result of the weather. Unfortunately, paint can begin to dwindle down over time and can finally end up peeling and allowing the wood structures to be exposed to the climate. With skilled externalpainting services, your house can be restored to its former beauty.

Our meansensures your paint process is carried out to exacting specifications

As a house contractor, we want taking a systematic approach to house repair and external painting. residential painter

First we totally test the exterior of your house to resolve if any maintenance need to be made to the outer sheathing or siding. As soon as we have made up our minds its steadiness, we commence methodically going through each and every step within the external painting procedure to ensure your own home seems to be gorgeous and is surrounded in coverage.


We sparsely power wash your house’s exterior to removegrime, grossness and mould and whatever else there may be. When you consider that these can impact how the paint adheres, it’s important we get your own home’s external as blank as imaginable so the paint will also be correctly implemented for a gorgeous finish so we can supply years of protection to your own home’s external.

Preparing your surface

Preparing your surface is anotheressential step the residential painting contractorwill execute. Throughout this procedure, we take away any peeling paint and sand areas clean so the outside will have the ability to properly accept the paint as it is carried out. If any gaps are discovered, they are carefully covered so water won’t enter under the exterior siding. Despite the fact that this process takes time, it ensures the finished coating will give superiorcoverage and good looks.

Now for the Painting

Our home painter will use an outstanding primer to hide any house repair areas. Once the house has been fully primed, it is able to take the paint. We use the highest quality paint to ensure your house looks more beautiful than you ever dreamed. Through our awesome paint coatings, a home’s exterior may also be absolutely restored. nashville painters


As soon as we finished your homerepair and exterior painting work, our residential painter performs an intensive inspection of all the exterior of the house to make sure the painting has been performed to exactingrequirements. We invite our clients to investigate cross-check their house with us so they may be able to relax confident the work has been performedto fulfill or even exceed their expectancies. residential painting info

Don’t hesitate to let us know if you have any questions about painting and well be pleased to do anotherpiece on the subject.

Robot Contractors

robot attackWe’re facing interesting times ahead of us. As Technology expands across the world, our jobs and lives may be at risk. What’s a contractor to do when he’s faced with the possibility of a robot taking over his job? How is a robot going to install trim to the exact specifications of a home owner, and with the care and understanding that a human contractor has? Can a robot really out-perform a contractor?

It has come to our attention recently that artificial intelligence is getting better and better. By the year 2020 we might find flying robots who can do roofing work in place of actual roofers. There could be plumber spiders that will replace plumbers. How is one to really know what the future holds in store for us?

Here’s the thing though, plumbers care. Roofers care. Contractors care. When we walk into a house, we know exactly what the home owner or commercial property owner wants, and we can deliver to their exact specifications. We can tell when their trying to cheat us out of money. We can tell when they aren’t truly happy with the work that we’ve provided, and we can remedy that. When a home owner demands that you paint with acrylic paints, we can do it knowing very well that they’re going to want to change it up when they see the mistake (and we can price it accordingly).

One day when robots try to take over the world, it’s the contractor that’s going to be missed first. But we won’t let it get to that. Because the truth is we can operate hammers and nails better than robots can.

In fact, robots probably won’t have the best grip in the world because they’re made of metal! With that being said, they are likely to hurt them selves while working on a tiling job, a roofing job, plumbing etc. Meanwhile we’ll be happily laughing away at those stupid robots.

The whole point in this is to say that your jobs are safe. Robots probably aren’t ever going to make good contractors. In fact, they aren’t likely to become good at anything. They just lack the spirit, the brains and the muscle that contractors have.

So next time you’re installing a toilet, fixing a sink, or painting a house, be thankful that you’re not in any kind of danger of losing your job to a machine. You’ll always be better in your craft! The contractors of the world will always remain on top!